The every substance has its’s own status & degree to verification. The Kattha is tested for the purity & quality following basis are used.

  1. Color
  2. Taste
  3. Smell
  4. Purity
  5. Process

The root color of Kattha is deep brown. But once it is processed & made for daily usage, it gets whitish Brown which later looks like pale brown color. Such color of Kattha is called as pure & real one.
In the market other brownish & radish colors also available, but there are in artificial formats. Damayanti is well known for whitish brown Kattha.
The taste of Kattha is no taste. It is the symbol of Kattha taster Slightly it turns to clay & sodium chloride ie. Chunna.
The smell of Kattha is like old hard root of any plant. The smell is same like first rainfall damayanti gives same experience as many as times you consumes it.
Purity test contains the percentage of ingredients in the Kattha. The Tannin % should be minimized at zero (0). The purity is also depends on the vegetarian test. It should be 100% vegetation.